Amigurumi Puppies Husky - Shiba Inu - Rottweiler / Tarturumies Crochet Pattern PDF • Archie, Ottis and Kira

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Archie, Ottis and Kira , welcome to the Tarturumies family !!! ◕‿◕

In this new project, we wanted to find the tenderness that dogs transmit when they're just puppies and we hope have achieved the goal ... In this occasion, we have chosen 3 dog breeds that we love: Husky, Shiba Inu and Rottweiler.

Ottis is a Shiba Inu, a very old Japanese breed. He’s the Sherlock Holmes of puppies, is very intuitive, intelligent and loves to solve problems.
He's always in the company of his great friends Archie and Kira, looking for new adventures and sharing unique moments... together they're unstoppable!

Archie is a Siberian Husky, a Russian breed, that is also very old and has the characteristic of being very similar to wolves. He’s the most tender in the group, very likeable and playful.
Much of the problems that Ottis solves are the messes that Archie gets into, he's too curious and confident, so they must always take care of him ... but who can resist that little face!

Kira is a Rottweiler, German breed of the oldest in herding. She’s the most adorable of the 3, her eyes give her away.
She's a super affectionate dog, companion and very brave.She loves to show her love for others and is always there to support Ottis and Archie in all their adventures ????

They’re our wonderful trio of sweet, cute and adorable puppies. We're very happy to be able to bring them and hope you enjoy with them ♥ ♥ ♥

What do you say? Do you dare to have your own Archie, Ottis and Kira? 
They’re wanting it ♥


WARNING!!! This article is a PDF with the crochet pattern to make the 3 Puppies, THEY’RE NOT THE FINISHED PRODUCT!!!



LANGUAGES: Spanish and English (US terminology)

By purchasing this article you’ll receive a PDF with the step by step in 29 pages where you’ll find more than 60 photographs, all very detailed to make your adorable puppies, in amigurumi. Our patterns are very clear and well organized so you can follow each step with more peacefully.

Which you can download immediately after payment.


You must have previous knowledge of crochet and the following stitches:

-chain stitch
-double crochet
-decrease (invisible)
-magic ring
-single crochet
-slip stitch

(You’ll find help with the techniques of color change)


* Ottis and Archie are about some adorable 18cm high (7,09 inches approx).
* Kira is about some adorable 17cm high (6,69 inches approx).

(They’re make with 100% cotton yarn and hooks 2.5mm - 3mm. In the pattern you’ll find in detail the entire list of materials and tools necessary)


USING: Our patterns are registered with all rights reserved and they are only for personal use. You can use this pattern to make this tender amigurumi for yourself, your family and your friends. If you share your version of the finished amigurumi in your social networks, we would appreciate you mentioning us as authors of the design, that gesture would help more people to know us and enjoy with us. 

SELLING: You're allowed to sell the amigurumis that you make with this pattern on a small scale, but please give us the credit of the design and provide a link to our website Please mention us in your finish work. 

SHARING: You're allowed to share the images of our amigurumis in your social networks or website (without the pattern) but you must name us as the author of the design and must be accompanied by the link on our website. If you share, we will appreciate it, if you doing so helps us to continue growing, creating and enjoying the beautiful art of amigurumis. 

NO: This pattern or parts of it can ́t: distribute it, resell it, translate it into any language, alter it, reproduce it, publish it, share it or post it (free or for sale) on the internet or in any other type of medium. 

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